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Regular Council Meeting – 11/21/2016

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2016 – 6:00 P.M.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Mayor Angel; Council Members Terry Arnold, Shane Bradley, Susan Jackson, Jeannie Knight, Bob Mock and Tony Storey


STAFF PRESENT:  David Krumwiede, Town Administrator; Attorney Paul Agnew; Patti Chasteen, Clerk/Treasurer; Lewis Saxton, Utility Superintendent; Roy McClain, Fire Chief; and Police Lt. Blake Gambrell

Mayor Angel called the meeting to order.

Mayor Angel led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The invocation was offered by Council Member Jackson.

Roy McClain’s wife (Kasey) and son (Zack) were recognized as visitor’s at tonight’s meeting.

A.  A motion was made by Council Member Knight and seconded by Council Member Jackson to approve the minutes of our regular Town Council meeting from October 17, 2016.  The motion passed unanimously.

B.  Monthly Financial Statements for the Period Ending October 31, 2016–No changes were noted.  Mayor Angel has reviewed statements with Mr. Krumwiede and everything looks great.  A motion was made by Council Member Mock and seconded by Council Member Jackson to approve financial reports as information.  The motion passed unanimously.

A.  Oridnance No. 04-2016
Second Reading on Ordinance No. 04-2016–An ordinance to repeal Article II. Business Licenses, Town of Due West, S.C., 2012.  Said Article to be stricken in its entirety and inserting in lieu thereof, Attached Exhibit A, which by reference becomes part of this Article and Code of Ordinances.

Mr. Krumwiede stated the Ordinance needs to be revised showing Exhibit B–no Exhibit A.  Council Member Knight asked who would enforce, if businesses have to pay in the County and if based on gross income.  Mr. Krumwide confirmed that wer are conforming to the S.C. Municipal Association’s model.  Therefore, the licenses are based on gross income and businesses would still have to meet the County’s licensing requirements.  He recommends that we adopt this ordinance.  Mayor Angel said we are one of the few municipalities who hasn’t adopted the model business license.  Attorney Agnew stated Exhibit A is correct and no correction is needed.

A motion was made by Council Member Storey and seconded by Council Member Knight.  The motion passed unanimously to approve the second reading of Ordinance No. 04-2016.

B.  Ordinance No. 05-2016
First Reading on Ordinance No. 05-2016–An ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into a joint use agreement with Erskine College to allow the community use of the Erskine College Pool.

Mayor Angel said he and Attorney Agnew met with Cliff Smith and Greg Haselden of Erskine College and came up with the joint use agreement for swimming pool.  Mayor read the main agreement highlights as follows:  The pool and facilities would remain in Erskine’s name; agreement shall remain in effect for five years; community would have to raise one-time sum of $80,000; Town agrees to pay $1,000 annual subscription fee for use by Town residents; Erskine will manage life guard staffing and operating hours; and Erskine will manage ongoing maintenance and upkeep of pool and related properties (insurance, power, water, chemicals, DHEC).  Mayor said we will get an updated quote on renovations and Erskine would establish a projected time line.  Council Member Mock asked if a clause on liability should be added.  Attorney Agnew said teh section on Upkeep and Maintenance covers insurance and that Erskine would own the facility.  Council Member Knight asked if Erskine would be one to accept updated bid and will we have to raise $80,000.  If we raise 80% of the $80,000, we will start per Mayor Angel.  He stated that the Erskine Student Government Association wants to give $30,000.  Mr. Haselden has instructed Parker Christie to begin getting bids.  There’s a possibility to have the pool open this summer and we can continue raising funds.  Attorney Agnew added that we could cancel this agreement.  Money will be returned to donors if sufficient funds are not raised.  Mayor Pro Tem Bradley said Section V. Funding (a) refers to community.  He said someone may think this refers to the Town–not community.  He thinks “Town” with a capital “T” would correctly refer to the Town government.  Also, who determines if someone is a resident of the Town of Due West or resides outside of the Town.  Attorney Agnew said it would result in the life guards having to determine if a resident or nonresident of the Town.  He agrees “Town” should be capitalized if referring to govermental entity.  He added the The Renaissance is excited about the pool and thinks a separate document should be prepared for them.  Mr. Krumwiede mentioned colored bracelets could be issed to the Town’s residents.  Mayor Angel said Greg Haselden is excited to get the pool reopened.

A motion was made by Council Member Mock and seconded by Council Member Jackson.  Council Members Arnold, Jackson, Knight, Mock and Storey voted in favor.  Mayor Pro Tem Bradley abstained from voting.  The motion passed 5-1 to approve the first reading of Ordinance No. 05-2016.  Mayor Angel said we would have a Called Council Meeting on 11/28/16 for the second reading of Ordinance No. 05-2016.

A.  Mayor’s Report
1.   Special Presentation
Mayor Angel requested Council Member Mock to recognize Roy McClain on his behalf for over 20 years service.  Council Member Mock expressed his appreciation to Roy and read the plaque as follows:

Presented to
Albert Roy McClain, Jr.
Public Utilities’ Class “A” Lineman and Fire Chief
“In Recognition of 20 Years of Loyal and Dedicated Service to the Town of Due West”
Charles D. Angel, Mayor
November 21, 2016

Roy thanked the Mayor and Council for the presentation.  Since graduating Dixie High School, he has always worked for the Town of Due West.  It’s been a great 20 years, and he hopes for another 20 years.

2.  Boeing Visit to Due West Robotics
Boeing’s visit with Due West Robotics went extremely well.  They were impressed with what is going on in Due West.

3.  School Board Update
Two new Abbeville County School Board members were elected for our area–Keith Dunn and Brandon Adger.  They will both be inducted at the 11/29/16 School Board meeting.  Mayor Angel encourages everyone to attend.  MECA will be at the meeting also.

4.  S.C. RIA Grant Update
Mayor Angel attached a letter received from S.C. RIA stating that we were not selected.  The RIA grant is up for review in the spring.  Mr. Krumwiede commented that Hurricane Matthew had an impact on selection.

B.  Council Reports/Comments
1.   Park Update–Jeannie Knight
Council Member Knight reported that the trees obtained through the Palmetto Pride Grant have arrived and will be planted soon in the Washington Street Park.  We will be receiving two picnic tables, two grills, and five benches soon for the park.

C.  David Krumwiede–Town Administrator
No further comments.

D. Paul Agnew–Town Attorney
No further comments.

E.  Fire Department–Report provided
Fire Chief McClain said the Department had a busy month.  They’ve got the brush truck and working on it.  He announced that the entire state has a burn ban.  The ladder truck has been tested and found a few items that have to be fixed.  He is working with a company on a time line for repairs.  He and Mayor Angel have talked about two grants he has applied for.  One is for a new truck to replace two old trucks.  He has also applied for a grant for more turnout gear/equipment.  Grant awards will go from May through October, 2017.  The Town would be required to match a protion of the grants if awarded.

F.  Police Department–Report provided
Lt. Blake Gambrell stated teh month was busy.  He stated we applied and received body camera award from the State of S.C. in the amount of $2,921.  The body cameras have been purchased for the same amount.  They are trying to get another award to cover the storage cost at $25 monthly.  Council Member Arnold asked if they’ve found out who broke into cars.  Lt. Gambrell stated they’ve got good idea of the persons in possession of the stolen cards used in Greenwood.  They hope to make a positive identification.

G.  Utilities Department–Report provided
Superintendent Saxton stated his Department has a lot going on.  The 100kw generator is being delivered tomorrow.  He hopes they’ll be able to fire it up in 1-2 weeks.  They have moved the delivery of the 500kw generator to 4/17.  Moving this date will work out well.  He hopes to have the transformer by 4/16 and have the project 75% complete.  Testing will be the biggest thing.  They’ll also begin next week on the Christmas lights and fixing street lights.  Mayor Angel said the street lights were scheduled to be strategically repaired at the same time as installing Christmas lights.


1.  Approval of 2016 Town Christmas Bonuses
Tradition of the Town is to present Christmas bonuses to employees.   Mayor Angel suggests the same amounts as 2015 and funds were approved in the FY2016-17 budget.  A motion was made by Council Member Bradley and seconded by Council Member Jackson to approve the Town Christmas Bonuses.  The motion passed unanimously.

1.  Council Meeting Schedule for 2017
Mayor Angel pointed out all 2017 regular scheduled council meetings will be held on the third Monday of each month except January and February.  Both of these months fall on holidays; therefore, they will both be held on the second Monday.
2.  State Holiday Schedule for 2017
3.  Annual Community-Wide Thanksgiving Dinner on 11/24/16 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Everyone is encouraged to attend and individuals are still needed to help.
4.  Town Hall Closed for Thanksgiving on 11/24-25/16
5.  Thanksgiving Garbage Pickup on 11/24/16
6.  Town Christmas Parade on 12/2/16 at 5:15 p.m. Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony Will Immediately Follow
Kathy Busby encourages council members to participate in the parade.
7.  Town of Due West’s Employee Christmas Party on 12/6/16 at 6:00 p.m.
Everyone was reminded to RSVP by 11/28/16.

With no other business, a motion was made by Council Member Mock and seconded by Council Member Arnold to adjourn the Town Council Meeting at 6:53 p.m. Passed unanimously.