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Regular Council Meeting – 01/09/2017

MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 2017 – 6:00 P.M.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Mayor Angel; Council Members Terry Arnold, Shane Bradley, Jeannie Knight and Bob Mock

MEMBERS ABSENT:     Council Members Susan Jackson and Tony Storey

STAFF PRESENT:           David Krumwiede, Town Administrator; Attorney Paul Agnew; Patti Chasteen, Clerk/Treasurer; Lewis Saxton, Utility Superintendent; Police Chief David Maxwell; Roy McClain, Fire Chief; and Matthew Busby, Assistant Fire Chief

Mayor Angel called the meeting to order.

Mayor Angel led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The invocation was offered by Council Member Knight.

Matt Phillips, CPA, from McKinley, Cooper & Co., LLP was recognized.

A. A motion was made by Mayor Angel and seconded by Council Member Knight to approve the minutes of our regular Town Council meeting from December 19, 2016.  The motion passed unanimously.

B. Monthly Financial Statements for the Period Ending December 31, 2016. Due to year-end delays receiving the bank statements from The Commercial Bank, the monthly financial statements were not available for the Council Meeting.  Mayor Angel reminded Council that the next council meeting will be held on the second Monday in February (2/13/17) due to President’s Day on the third Monday.

Matt Phillips, CPA/Partner with McKinley, Cooper & Co., LLP, presented the final unmodified year-end management and auditor’s report with an expressed clean opinion.  The financial statements are presented fairly and sufficiently.  The statement of net position is at accrual basis.  Mr. Phillips pointed out a mistake made by their firm on the Statement of Activities (Page 10).  The error only impacts the middle column–remainder of the audit and totals are correct.  McKinley, Cooper & Company will correct their error and reprint the final audit.  The Town is in a good position with working capital.  Long-term debt increased due to the added capital lease for generators.  Mr. Phillips stated Note 4 “Employee Retirement Systems and Pension Plans” has supplementary schedules required for GASB 68.  Attorney Agnew asked what is GASB 68.  Mr. Phillips stated it’s a governmental requirement showing the unfunded portion of pension for retired workers–portion the Town might be responsible for.  All significant transactions in the financial statements have been recorded in the proper period with no misstatements identified and no cited areas of concern.

A motion was made by Council Member Mock and seconded by Council Member Bradley to receive the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2016, auditor’s and management report.  The motion passed unanimously.


A. Mayor’s Report
1. Pool Update
Mayor Angel said he just came from a brief meeting regarding the pool.  Paul Bell and Winnie Phillips are heading up the project.  Erskine College has received two quotes as follows: 1. $87,500 (The work would take longer); and 2. $125,000 (Old foundation would be removed and new put in.  Not to exceed quoted price.)  A good portion of the money for this project has been raised.  They’re meeting with Erskine’s SGA at end of the month who want to give $30,000.  Council Member Knight asked if this is public information.  Mayor Angel recommends people to talk to Paul Bell or Winnie Phillips if they have questions regarding the pool and funraising.

2. Due West Robotics’ Thank You Note
Mayor Angel read a thank you note including pictures to Council from Due West Robotics.  Both groups are going to the state championship in Easley.  Due West Robotics appreciates the Town allowing them use of the room above Town Hall.

B. Council Reports/Comments
Council Member Knight reported that picnic tables, benches, trash containers, trees and donation sign will be installed soon in the park.  The donation sign will be mounted on a post and may have to wait until warmer weather before it can be installed.

C. David Krumwiede – Town Administrator
Mr. Krumwiede encourages everyone to attend the upcoming winter Hometown Legislation Action Day and the Municipal Elected Officials Institute.

D. Paul Agnew – Town Attorney
No further comments.

E. Fire Department – Report provided
Fire Chief McClain said the Department ended the year with 260 calls — 37 lower calls than last year.  He looks forward to what 2017 holds.  The Department promoted Scott Guillerault to Captain and Tyler Knowlton to Lieutenant.  By adding an extra Captain to handle training and other duties, it will allow him and Assistant Chief Busby more time for other duties.

F. Police Department – Report provided
Chief Maxwell stated the Police Department has seen an unusual increase in activity during Christmas.  Two arrests were people passing through Due West and other were several residents in Town.  The time of the year could play a part with family situations.  Chief asked everyone to keep Officer Birchmore in their prayers.  His mother has cancer in Stage 4.  The Department will be receiving their new server next week.

G. Utilities Department – Report provided
Superintendent Saxton said everything is going good.  The weather has impacted the work on the generator project.  Mayor Angel said SCE&G is working on the gas lines for the generator in Town.  Mr. Saxton thinks SCE&G’s gas line is approximately 75% complete.  They’re coming off of Mt. Lebanon Road to keep high pressure.



1. Town Hall Closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on 1/16/17
2. Municipal Elected Officials Institute Session A & B on 1/31/17
3. Hometown Legislative Action Day aat Columbia Marriott on 2/1/17
4. Reminder to Council of the Approaching State Ethics’ Deadlines
Mayor Angel reminded Council of the State Ethics’ deadline of 3/30/17.
5. Due West Lions Club’s Chili Supper will be 5:30-7:30 p.m. on 2/10/17
6. Abbeville County School Board Meeting at 7:00 p.m. on 1/24/17
Mayor Angel encourages everyone to attend.  The next meeting will be discussing schools and how it would affect Due West.

With no other business, a motion was made by Council Member Bradley and seconded by Council Member Knight to adjourn the Town Council Meeting at 6:40 p.m. Passed unanimously.